Sunbathing suitable period

Sunbathing is better in a period of low solar activity that is, in the morning, up to 11 hours and in the evening – after 16. Period of solar activity (from 12 to 15 pm) is best avoided. Begin with 5 minutes of sun exposure. Then go into the shadows. The time spent in the sun, to increase gradually. Does not use creams before tanning based on mineral fats (petroleum jelly, glycerin), as well as essential oils, toilet water or perfume. It will be useful to use sunscreen, and better components with high SPF and UVA. By choosing the cream, consider your skin type.For More Guidelines Available here:KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM

How to sunbathe:-

·   Define your phototype, do not light up, if you feel hunger or, conversely, just ate too tightly. After eating, wait at least an hour.
·Remember, tanning, protect your head hat, Panama hat, scarf, etc. And do not neglect sunglasses.
·Do not read while sunbathing – bright sun and without eyestrain.
·If sunbathing lying down – put something under his head, it should be raised.
·Do not put it in water in the sun – let the body cool down.(KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS Programe)
·Remember, after dipping in water wipe dry body. Water droplets may work as tiny lenses, and this will lead to sunburn.
·Avoid drinking ice cold drinks and do not eat ice cream on the beach, or you may spoil your holiday a snotty nose and a red throat.


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