Acne And Diet: Connected?


Mike Walden review author of acne no more program-Proper nutrition is essential for staying healthy. And one of the features places reflected health is our skin! So proper nutrition can contribute to the overall health of the skin, and therefore the prevention and treatment and acne.


Acne is a skin condition that usually occurs in adolescence. In the past many eating habits associated with the onset or exacerbation of acne. The consumption of chocolate, for example, been implicated in several acne symptoms flare. Myth or reality? There are indeed foods that contribute to the appearance or exacerbation of acne. Are there any foods that have therapeutic or preventive role at least?


Initially, let apenechopoiisoume the much misunderstood chocolate! Studies have been conducted have not shown to be linked to eating chocolate with the growth of bacteria that cause acne.


What we must realize is that acne occurs at an age where eating habits are changing, usually for the worse! Teenagers reduce consumption homemade food while increasing your intake of foods rich in saturated and trans fat (such as type food «fast food»). This shift in fat increases the amount of sebum thus becomes more difficult to release from the sebaceous glands. Result: more pimples! Conclusion: avoid foods high in fat like meats and full-fat dairy, sweets and snacks with whipped butter, fried and sauce with mayonnaise and cream. Instead, consume lots of vegetables and fruits, foods with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (olive oil, fish, nuts, vegetable margarine) and enough water will help to flush toxins.


There are foods with healing properties for acne? Studies have shown that vitamin D helps treat acne problems. Most drugs used to deal with vitamin A, since it seems that reduces the amount of sebum produced. Foods rich in vitamin A are liver, milk, cheese, carrots and eggs. Caution! Excessive intake of vitamin A has been associated with increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels and teratogenic. Balancing the levels of vitamin A in the body helps vitamin E, which can be found in salmon, tuna and uncooked nuts.

Also, studies have shown that the presence of acne is associated with reduced levels of zinc. Where to obtain the zinc is missing? Since red meat, liver, seafood, mushrooms, eggs and beer.


Finally, we must stress that proper nutrition helps in the prevention and treatment of acne in the context of the overall contribution to the health of our body. The scientific community is progressing in further investigations to fully ascertain the relationship between dietary habits and acne.



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