Acne and its treatment


Mike Walden review author of acne no more program- Acne is an inflammatory disease of pilosebaceous units are located on the face, anterior chest and back and is the most common skin disorder with an incidence estimated between 70-87%. The rash acne is characterized by diversity and consists of both inflammatory elements (papules flyktainidia nodules) and non-inflammatory lesions (open and closed comedones).

The sebaceous gland hyperplasia and seborrhea, hyperkeratosis of the resource, the colonization of the pocket from Propionobacterium acnes, and inflammatory reaction are the factors that explain the development of acne. Staging of acne is of paramount importance in order to determine the correct therapeutic strategy . Mild acne can be exclusively comedogenic or characterized by few vlatidoflyktainidia. Instead, more vlatidoflyktainidia combined with numerous comedones and a few nodules characterize moderate acne, while severe acne nodules prominent and noticeable inflammation and scarring. Although acne is not affect the overall health of a person, the effect of the psyche is crucial and is often accompanied by anxiety and depression, and this is why effective therapy has a substantial impact on patient quality of life. To determine the type of treatment is important for the person and family history, and duration of the disease, previous treatments and the patient’s response to them. 


The phototype of the patient (light or dark skin) will also play a role in treatment decisions, as patients with darker skin are more susceptible to postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and so to them the treatment should be more aggressive. Must then be staging the patient, focusing on the most serious lesions (nodules, scars), and the right treatment for them will improve and less severe. For the success of the treatment is very important to patient compliance. The simple regimens and explanation of all treatment parameters will guarantee. The patient should know that diet plays no role in the pathogenesis of the problem, that in the beginning of treatment may Worsening of acne and that abuse of akneiko data will worsen scarring. Treatment should be applied throughout t

he affected area and not only in damage. There is a plethora of local and systemic factors that are available.



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