Mike Walden review author of acne no more program-Acne and Treatments

Mike Walden review author of acne no more program-Few words about acne and its causes

We should understand that acne is not rare. We do not know the exact statistics in Greece, but in the U.S. there are currently about 60 million Americans who have this problem. There is no single cause of acne. But the main cause is hormonal. Other factors that affect and cause acne as dietary imbalances, seborrhea, bacterial action, the difficulty of dead epidermal cells to scrub. Acne can cause some medications and products sisthitikis. Even psychological factors play a role in the growth and development of acne. There are many kinds of edges.


The first symptoms of acne are small red spots. These later converted into pimples containing degraded fatty acids. The content of these spots can and inflamed. Sometimes this inflammation occurs in the period with the stress and then disappears and can be reset again. Severe cases accompanied by acne scars which remain untreated.  Therefore, treatment in the early stages is very important .

Treatments for Acne – Holistic therapies and syndystikes

There is a tendency for doctors trying to cure the disease rather than the patient. Sometimes it happens, and a disappointing failure of communication. Acne is a chronic problem, so the doctor needs to show understanding and patience and has trained in psychological support, especially when you are placing adolescents.

1. What you can do at home

Clean your face with a mild cleanser. Clean your skin when you sweat and when accumulated sebum.

Avoid hairdressing where Malia constantly touching your skin. Wash Malia regularly.

Do not tamper with your nails your acne, induce scarring.

Avoid very cold, heat and sun. The sun may improve acne for a while but can cause other chronic damage to the skin, and more skin cancer.

Use moisturizing creams.  greasy cream obstruct pores and cause  pimples.

There is no scientific evidence that certain foods cause acne, but if you’ve noticed that affect you avoid them.

Your diet is normal and balanced with appropriate minerals and vitamins, drink lots of water and exercise regularly.

If you feel pleasant and will look to your skin.http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/alexajordan/1249012/

Ask the opinion of your physician. The simple and acne can be cured with simple products. Remember that it takes time and patience for the treatment of acne. Acne before and after the combination therapy

Two. Local treatment.

Azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide is effective in mild and moderate acne. Both of these drugs inhibit the sebaceous glands to close and also prevent bacterial growth.



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