Mike Walden review author of acne no more program-Effective acne treatment with blue light!


Mike Walden review author of acne no more program-Acne is a major dermatikoprovlima, or rather a disease that plagues both adolescent andthe adults. The psychological and psychosocial impact of the disease aftiskai the two classes are very important. Acne and scars prokaleiepireazoun behavior, patient acceptance of others, even tinanefresi work in many cases. The psychological symptoms pouemfanizoun sufferers of acne include unsociableness, timeiomeni confidence, depression, confusion, anger, etc.

The appearance of acne einaiapotelesma the faction and inflammation of sebaceous follicles toudermatos. The main causes of acne are:

·       Ifperparagogi cells construct the smigmatoroiko gland

·       The afximeniparagogi sebum

·       The molynsitou skin by the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes ( P . acnes )

·       Iflegmonodis response of skin infection in the above

See in the following video that toupervoliko sebum accumulates with the dead cells in dermatikousporous and follicles. This accumulation can induce the development of acne touvaktiriou, P . acnes The instruments used for tinkatapolemisi of acne are varied and have an effect on one or perissoterousapo the above factors. The most common treatments have to do with the use of antimicrobial compositions antiviotikoni with keratolytic agents (such tosalikyliko acid), and the mouth of specific antibiotics. But these ways of dealing with acne have lost tidimotikotita for the following reasons:     


 Erefnesdeichnoun that long-term use of antibiotics is associated with an increase tispithanotitas breast cancer    Tateleftaia years has increased very resilience of acne bacteria P . acnes to antibiotic The toustomatos of antibiotics have side effects such as dizziness, the mykitisiakesmolynseis, allergic reactions and gastrointestinal disorders, etc.

These were the reasons that forced odigisanstin develop alternative safe methods of fighting of this problem of acne.










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