program- Laser acne

Acne is a common disease of the pilosebaceous unit. It is particularly common in adolescence and youth, without precluding the emergence of older ages.

Involved in the pathogenesis of four factors: the keratinization disorder, seborrhea, colonization of the follicle with P. acnes, and inflammation. The clinical manifestations of acne include comedones (open and closed), papules, the vlatidoflyktainidia, nodules and cysts. Treatment determined by the type of clinical manifestations and is: Local : The local treatment may be used antibiotics (clindamycin , erythromycin), benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, tretinoin, isotretinoin, antapaleni. Systematic : In the systemic treatment may be used antibiotics (tetracyclines), antisyliptika women and isotretinoin. Laser : The technology of laser systems in recent years has expanded the therapeutic potential of the dermatologist in the field of acne. The application of the laser not antkathista the above treatments, but supplements offering a reliable solution. Indications laser applications in the treatment of acne:

in patients who do not wish to receive treatment by oral administration or contraindicated.

in combination with additional local or systemic treatment.

At our center we have two laser systems for the treatment of acne:


diode 1450 nm laser system: Its mechanism of action is to increase the temperature of the water surrounding the sebaceous gland. This leads to shrinkage of the gland with consequent reduced production of sebum. The treatment is repeated every 3-4 weeks.

Pulsed dye laser system: Central role in causing inflammation in acne plays P. acnes. This bacterium produces porphyrins which constitute the objective of laser. The laser beam is selectively adsorbed by the porphyrins and neutralizes P. acnes. Simultaneously the laser beam is absorbed by hemoglobin and thus resulting in reduction of erythema featuring both the active edge and the Residual elements. The treatment is repeated every 3-4 weeks.




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