– Seven errors in the treatment of acne

Mike Walden review author of acne no more program-Acne is a condition that plagues mostly teenagers. In this period, girls and boys are mainly engaged in outward appearance. Acne vulgaris is directly related to the sebaceous glands and can occur not only on the face but also on the shoulders, back and chest.


Surely that treatment is not easy. And the medical help is essential. In this effort, the boys and girls can make the following mistakes according to physician and LJ Martin: one. Not go quickly to the doctor (dermatologist) with the principle of acne 2.Prospathontas to heal use many therapeutic devices simultaneously




3. Rub the skin and actually worsen acne 4. Only selects the wrong medication or therapy products 5. Tease and squeezing pimples alone


6. Make use of excessive doses of the drugs have been administered 7. Because many times the treatment is to interrupt long as they see the first good results. Acne is an inflammation that needs proper treatment and persistence in it. There are many types of acne, so this is why the medical examination by a specialist is necessary before doing anything. Source: iatropedia.gr




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