The natural dermatological treatment of acne without drugs

Mike Walden review author of acne no more program-Remains a challenge for dermatology finding effective treatment for acne, and developed resistance to antibiotics, but also undesirable side effects of retinoids, which can be photosensitive, dry lips, skin, eyes, nose, hyperlipidemia, etc . up and teratogenicity.

There are categories of social groups to which they can be administered retinoids, either based on age reproductive phase or contraindication the necessary concurrent contraceptives, eg, in smokers or in existence coagulopathy.

The visible light (400-760nm), in contrast to the solar ultraviolet UVC-UVB-UVA radiation (190-400nm), which cause photoaging and skin cancer, it is advantageous, limpid and therapeutic. No heat, unlike the solar infrared radiation (760-3000nm), which can cause skin dryness. Visible light is the part of solar energy, which is the life on the planet and the smooth development of the human organism. With the physical method of photodynamic therapy, which is FDA approved, clean, safe and visible light that does not contain the harmful UVA & UVB radiation, heat, aims propionovaktiridio acne and inflamed.

The destruction of bacteria because produce endogenously, photosensitive substances, Porphyrins like Korpoprofyrini III and protoporphyrin, which reacting with the light, generate singlet oxygen, into the cells of bacteria, which acts as a strong antivaktiridioktono, resulting depopulation, the propionovaktiridiou acne, whose presence plays inflammation.

The wavelength of light at 415nm, blue light, corresponds exactly to the maximum absorptivity of the porphyrins.

Weakened propionovaktiridia become more vulnerable to attacks leukocytes body’s defense cells, which simultaneously photoactivated by blue light. Moreover, immunomodulatory mechanisms stimulated due to the beneficial effect of red light with wavelength 633nm, which minimizes the production of proinflammatory cytokines, namely proteins, ie proteins that initiate and accelerate inflammation.

The antiinflammatory effect of red light, reduces erythema of acne, but the severity of the inflammatory route, thus reducing the likelihood of scarring. The reduction of inflammation topped up to 16 weeks after the end of treatment.






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