Treatment of acne


Mike Walden review author of acne no more program- Acne as we said, is a cutaneous disease and should be treated therapeutically. My experience says that the worst enemy of acne is cleanliness recommended in the methods:


Utility is cleaning the skin by experienced dermatologists or aesthetic. It is the first big step to start the patient an elaborate treatment that will give visible results from the first days.


The aesthetic and customer collaboration will lead to the desired result. For many years there incriminated foods for causing acne. But after years of careful observations, I found that certain foods aggravate acne such as chocolate, alcohol, coca cola, the fried potatoes and sometimes oranges.


The cleanliness is the first component of the course of acne. Apart from regular deep cleaning of the experienced professional beautician should follow some other steps.


The diseased person to wash the face daily with an antiseptic soap and slide the skin with lotion suitable for acne. Then put acne cream that will affect palliative and desiccate rashes. This should be done morning and evening.


For more difficult cases will require a series of conferences in the workplace that will aim to treat acne.


If the problem persists, the terms of skin care should be respected because it is usually relapse.


Experimented our clientele with additional care which we recommend. Specifically daily with lukewarm chamomile compresses and then mask with brewer’s yeast purchased from the oven. An amount of yeast as a nut, the solution with warm water to become a density as yogurt and coat the face, leaving the entire time needed to dry and then removed with water. Finally we apply the acne cream * .



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